The best strollers for twins

By | February 20, 2021

The best strollers for twins

The birth of a new person is a miracle and a great joy for the whole family. And if there are two of them at once pack and play with changing table, then this is happiness squared. These days, finding a stroller for twins, as well as for the weather, is not difficult, and parents have plenty to choose from. 

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1. Side by side

When children are sitting / lying nearby. This type of landing is most common. Here, both modules are located on the same wheelbase best pack and play with changing table. These strollers have many advantages: the parent sees the children well, the little ones can communicate with each other and see what is happening around. The disadvantage of these models is their width. They hardly enter ordinary elevators and doors, they do not fit into every car, and it is more difficult to manoeuvre with them. 

2. The train

Children are located one after the other. Seats can be located linearly or at different heights (tandem). The second method reduces the length of the stroller, which is useful when using a conventional elevator. It is possible to install modules facing or back to each other. These strollers are easy to bring in at the door, they make it easier to go around puddles and walk along narrow paths. However, when making turns and ups, mom needs to be careful. In some cases, the child sitting in the back has less vision, but this depends on the model. 

By application, strollers can be divided into:

1. Basic

Designed for daily walks close to home. Comfortable, stable, with good shock absorption and flotation. True, you can only move them in the car, with an empty trunk. As the main stroller for twins, you can consider with children seated one after the other. She has spring cushioning, a spacious basket, inflatable wheels.

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2. For travel

These models are quite lightweight, easier to transport, but less stable and functional. An example of such a stroller is the Jetem Elegant twin. It weighs only 10 kg and folds like a cane. Two children are placed there comfortably, each has its own separate place.

3. Strollers for children of different ages

Even if the older child has already learned to walk, a two-seater stroller is still useful for long walks, trips to the store, or the clinic. And she will also be needed if the firstborn is jealous of her mother, and asks for pens. And if he has his own place in the wheelchair, he does not feel left out. And it will be easier for mom to look after the children.

The arrangement of seats in such wheelchairs can be face-to-face, with a train, or even back-to-back. The best option would be to purchase a vehicle with modules that can change direction. It is difficult to predict in advance which configuration will work best. For example, if the younger one is sleeping, it is better to turn the older one in the other direction. And if both are awake, then they will have fun talking and interacting.

A budget option for walking with children of different ages is to buy a footrest or seat in addition to the bassinet. In this version, two children will be able to ride in one regular stroller, however, the older child will ride with minimal comfort. This method is suitable if the age difference between children is 3-4 years.