Dermaplaning For the Eyes

By | July 1, 2022

Dermaplaning For the Eyes
If you want to get rid of dead skin cells and improve your complexion, you should try a beauty
device like dermaplaning 皱纹. Dermaplaning is an effective exfoliation method that makes it easier
for skin care products to penetrate. While most beauty devices focus on the face, dermaplaning
also has applications for the eyes. Here are a few popular models to consider:

Nu Skin’s Mami
Nu Skin has a wide variety of beauty devices that you can use in the comfort of your own home.
In fact, Euromonitor International ranked Nu Skin as the world’s leading at-home beauty device
system in both 2017 and 2018. Its devices can effectively address a variety of skin care
concerns, from reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to promoting a youthful glow.
Below, we will explore the various benefits of Nu Skin’s Mami beauty device.
AgeLOC Boost helps you achieve a younger-looking skin by instantly activating skin cells for a
natural radiance. It delivers a dual-action skin-perfecting treatment while enhancing cleansing
benefits, giving you a more youthful appearance. The ageLOC LumiSpa was created by Nu Skin
scientists with the help of a board-certified dermatologist. Its results were impressive, resulting in
smoother skin after just one use.
Comper’s Smarkin 4-in-1 skincare device
The Comper Smarkin 4-in-1 skincare device has a conductive gel that contains medical-grade
hyaluronic acid. It’s designed to work with Comper’s SkinEnergy device and Smarkin 4-in-1
Beauty Device. The conductive gel locks in moisture and makes the skin look plump and
smooth. Hyaluronic acid is a form of cellular material found in skin that helps it look smooth,
plump, and youthful.
The Comper Smarkin has 4 main functions: EMS electrostimulation, light therapy, EMS, and
micro-vibration massage. EMS, or electro-magnetic stimulation, is an electronic pulsed current
that targets the dermis layer to help reduce sagging skin. MASS micro-vibration massage helps
increase elasticity and minimize fine lines. The Bipolar ring radio frequency function targets the
dermis layer, heats up cells, and stimulates collagen production.

Celebrity aestheticians and beauty industry professionals swear by the LightStim beauty device.
It works by delivering light energy to the skin in a similar manner to how plants absorb sunlight.
LightStim devices come in 3 models, each offering a different wavelength to rejuvenate the skin.
The LightStim ProPanel, for instance, provides rejuvenating wavelengths of light for anti-aging
and pain relief. The LightStim MultiWave(r) patent enables this device to emit multiple
wavelengths of light at once.
The LightStim beauty device is simple to use and doesn’t require a lot of space or time. Users
should simply position the device against the skin for three minutes. As soon as the timer
sounds, move on to another area of skin and repeat the process. This procedure should be done

at least two to three times a week. LightStim is a great treatment for wrinkles and redness. The
device comes with a one-year warranty for faulty products.
The Droplette is a new device for skin care that uses physics to deliver key ingredients deep into
the dermal layer of the skin. This device uses exceptional velocity and the miniaturization of
drops to penetrate the skin barrier to deliver key ingredients to the dermal layer. Because the
Droplette is so small, it is also very discreet. It will not draw attention to itself, making it a great
skincare device to take with you on vacation or on a date.
The Droplette beauty device is backed by NASA and developed by MIT-trained PhD scientists.
Its inventors initially developed the device to treat epidermolysis bullosa, a rare pediatric disease
characterized by blistering and fragile skin. They envisioned a device that would deliver deep
dermal-level active ingredients without needles, pain, or irritation. This device may be the

answer to this problem. And, if it works as advertised, it will save dermatologists from the time-
consuming and expensive task of applying expensive treatments.